Make timely preparations for the trip and find out about items that are prohibited for transport. Trade Air does not have the option of online check-in. You must check in for the flight at the designated counters for passenger registration at the airport, on the day of travel.

Arrival at the airport should be timely in order to go through all departure procedures smoothly and without the pressure of delay. Trade Air recommends that arrival at the airport be no later than 1 hour before the scheduled departure time in domestic traffic, or 1.5 hours before the scheduled departure time in international traffic. Passenger and baggage check-in counters close 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

Trade Air has no organized transportation to or from airports. Please find out more about how to get to the airport on the airport website.

When you arrive at the airport, check:

• your flight data on information screens;

• departure time of the aircraft;

• check-in desk number and gate number.

You should never carry anything on a flight on behalf of someone else. If you think an item has been placed in your luggage without your knowledge, you must check your luggage before arriving at the airport or notify the agents at the airport immediately.

Before checking in for a flight at the passenger check-in counter, the following must be ensured:

• No one has touched your luggage since you prepared it for travel

• No one has given you anything unknown to board the flight

• You have not stored sharp or dangerous objects in your hand luggage and / or checked baggage.


After check-in, you can use the services available on the public side of the airport or pass a security check to the departure area.

Take enough time to pass the security check. The lines can be quite long. The airport authorities and the airport are responsible for security checks.

In preparation for the screening of passengers and hand luggage, store metal jewelery, watches, coins and similar items in your hand luggage or in your pockets to reduce the possibility of forgetting or losing them, or place them in a plastic container for disposing of items. are examined with an X-ray device.


Put your luggage in the space provided above the seat or under the seat in front of you and sit down. A seat belt is recommended whenever you are sitting. The flight begins with a demonstration of cabin crew safety as pilots prepare the aircraft for takeoff.

During the flight, service services are available depending on the trip. Coffee, tea, juice and a sandwich or equivalent snack are standard part of the charter offer, but the choice of the inflight service depends on the lesee, so find out more about this before the flight at the Agency where you bought the ticket. You can find safety information and reading magazines in the seat pockets.

The cabin crew is at your service, do not hesitate to ask them if you have any questions or wishes