Whether you are interested in leasing an aircraft for a series of flights, or just one occasion, whether it is passenger transport or cargo transport, whether it is for private or business purposes – our team will approach each request with equal care and provide individual approach to your requirement.



The organization of passenger charter chain of flights presents one among altogether four types of service offered by Trade Air. Such ventures are usually concluded with diverse tour operators, either domestic or foreign, whereas connecting a variety of towns throughout the continent.



One of the services provided by the company is performance of individual passenger charter flights, whose most frequent customers are different companies and individuals looking for personalized, reliable and cost-effective air transport. Thanks to many years of experience in performing such operations, Trade Air has the ability to quickly secure aircraft for this type of flight.



ACMI (aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance) aircraft lease or „wet” aircraft lease is an agreement under which the company leases its aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance to other airlines. Through its history, Trade Air has established ACMI business cooperation with over 60 different airlines on three continents (Europe, Asia, Africa), thanks to which a great deal of knowledge and experience in this field has been gathered.



Originally founded exclusively as a cargo airline, the company has managed to compile an enviable experience in transporting all kinds of cargo throughout Europe in past two decades. As an authorized air carrier of dangerous goods, certified by the Croatian aviation authorities, Trade Air has the ability to quickly organize indeed diverse types of flights for both domestic and foreign clients regardless their profiles.


    Our fleet

    Technical specifications and seatmaps of every aircraft in Trade Air fleet are available here.


    Flight preparation

    In order to provide the highest quality service, below we bring you a few important details regarding the preparation for the flight.

    Every country has set individual restrictions and conditions for entry and residence in it. These measures concern both passengers and the execution of charter flights. Trade Air keeps track about the above measures, but we strongly recommend that you research the updated information yourself. When requesting a charter flight, it is important for us to know the purpose of the flight of the group for which the charter flight is planned.

    Trade Air has a defined standard regarding the restriction of checked and hand luggage on charter flights, which you can view in the document below. However, we leave open the possibility of increasing or even decreasing these restrictions, as they depend on the type of your request.

    The standard catering included in the Trade Air’s aircraft lease are sandwiches, coffee / tea, juices and water, which our crew serves to passengers during the flight. We leave the choice of sandwiches to the client, and in case the appetites are bigger, we also offer the possibility of organizing cold or hot meals, alcoholic beverages, desserts etc. You can view the details of the offer below, and for all questions, please contact our sales department.

    Catering options

    Due to the Covid-19 pandemic from the safety obligation we have to both passengers and crew members, only water is currently served on all charter flights. Contact our sales department for all details.

    Trade Air leaves open the possibility for its clients to organize personalized promotional materials and headrest covers in their own arrangement – all Trade Air aircraft have a male velcro on their seats, so when preparing the headrest covers it is necessary to take care that they have a female velcro.

    Trade Air also leaves open the possibility for its clients to create their own announcement that they want to convey to their passengers before take-off or after landing, which our crew will be happy to include in the standard announcements.

    The Trade Air crew speaks many foreign languages ​​- check with our sales department if there is a possibility that your language will be present on your charter flight.

    We kindly ask you to review the travel conditions that we bring below, which concern the transport of passengers on Trade Air flights, special categories of passengers, special categories of luggage, legal notices, restrictions, etc. We invite you to inform your passengers about these documents as well and to review information published in the passenger section of the Trade Air website.